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Pulse sees Sebastien Deruwez and Howard Moth combine their Anglo Franco influences and embark on a journey of synth and guitar driven fusion having long since shared a like minded passion for electronic nuances.

Debut EP "Rehydrate" was met with vibrant enthusiasm followed by acclaimed debut album release “Polyetherene”. November 19th 2016 will see the release of Pulse’s second album “Spheres” as their demeanour continues to evolve.

Pulse have rapidly become an increasingly curious and dynamic point of interest; offering a somewhat fresh and charismatic reflection to a genre that some might say is becoming saturated with compliance.

Live dates continue to accumulate, their powerful caustic soda pop testament to their chemical gloss as Pulse effortlessly sheen the sonic air waves and deliver their melodic blend.

19/11/2016 - Bridgehouse II, London, UK, SPHERES LAUNCH

21/05/2016 - iSynth IV, France

22/01/2016 - The Fenton, Leeds, UK

11/07/2015 - The Workhouse Festival in Llanfyllin, Wales, UK

25/04/2015 - Cultural Showcase, Lille, France

25/04/2015 - iSynth III, Le Biplan, Lille, France

21/03/2015 - Lounge 41, Workington, UK

24/01/2015 - The Islington, London, UK




16/05/2015 - Bus Palladium, Paris, France

20/06/2015 - The Horn, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK


24/10/2015 - Le Biplan, Lille, France

Pulse Live Dates ...

Info on launch gig @ Bridgehouse II, London - special guests Sinestar , EmT and Harborough FM DJ Dave Charles